The Chicken Farm. A Cambodian Prostitution Village.



The Chicken Farm, as it is known to the locals, is a village of sex slaves on the Cambodian island of Koh Kong.

The girls of the Village are mostly aged 15 to 18 and many have been smuggled in from Vietnam. Others are there as it is the only way they know to make a living, while others have been tricked into coming by promises of making a lot of money.

Each of the girls is bound by a contract to the brothel owner. They have their expenses subtracted from the number of customers serviced. It can take a girl a year or more to work off her debt although some girls remain until they are too ill or too old to attract customers.

Some of the girls may be tested for HIV but delays in testing and obtaining results encourages the spread of the virus.

With the building of a bridge from the mainland the Chicken Farm attracts sex tourists including Western men.