The Story

Judith Oruko is a fighter - She earns a total of $7 every week by selling bananas at the local market. Life is hard for Judith. Specially because she strongly believes that education is the only tool for her children to have better lives than hers. Her eldest son, Javan, is two years away from obtaining his high school degree. However, paying for his education has pushed Judith into debt; and she has no choice but to pull him out. Javan wants to become a doctor to help others in need. A remarkably generous wish for someone who’s always lived in need. I’m inspired by people like Judith and Javan, whose generosity and kindness drives them to dedicate their lives to others. I have set the goal to raise $3000 to pay for the education of Javan and her remaining 4 children. With a very small contribution, we can make a big difference. Help me change this family’s story. Just $25 will pay for her child’s education for a week!

Peter Caton

Documentary Photographer

For over 15 years, Peter Caton has been an established documentary photographer, who has concentrated his work on humanitarian causes, disadvantaged groups, and some of the great global crisis of our age. To date Peter has had work from over thirty countries published and exhibited, however he remains freelance and dedicated to working in the field